Tim Tebow Hunts Big Foot, Plays Football on the Moon in Funny T-Mobile Super Bowl Ads (VIDEO)

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(Photo: Screenshot via YouTube/T-Mobile)Tim Tebow rides a bull, saves puppies, and plays football on the moon in new T-Mobile commercials for the upcoming 2014 Super Bowl.

Tim Tebow is the comical star of three new Super Bowl commercials by T-Mobile that play on the telephone company's no contract policy and the former quarterback's lack of a current NFL contract.

Tebow revealed 30-second sneak previews of the funny new commercials while co-hosting on the "Good Morning America" show Friday, and a full one-minute version of one commercial was later posted online by Droid Life. The commercials show the former Florida Gators quarterback describing all of the exciting things he can do with his free time now that he doesn't have an NFL contract, including delivering a baby, hunting big foot, and playing football on the moon.

"Everyone thinks I want a contract, but without one, I've done so much this year," Tebow says in the beginning of one commercial while doing bicep curls and staring at the camera. "Without a contract, I've worked on the unknown," the former quarterback says before diving into his series of exciting contract-free adventures, which also include bull riding, working as a stuntman, saving puppies from a burning building, and touring the world as a rock star.

"Bottom line: contracts hold you back," Tebow says as the commercial ends.

The commercials reflect one of T-Mobile's main selling points, that unlike other cell phone companies, the mobile service provider does not force its customers into confining multi-year contracts. The commercial ends with T-Mobile promising to "buy you out of your [current] contract" so the viewer will switch over to T-Mobile.

The comical commercials, which will air during Sunday's Super Bowl XLVIII game, have received positive responses on social media. "Gotta admit, Tim Tebow's new spot for T-Mobile is actually pretty funny/self-aware," tweeted Chris Littman, deputy editor of Sporting News.

"No contract, no prob. Tim Tebow laughs at himself in T-Mobile #SuperBowl ads. Wicked funny," tweeted Dan Catchpole, journalist for the Everett Herald.

The cell phone provider revealed two of the Tebow-themed commercials Friday, and the third spot will be aired in full at Sunday's Super Bowl game in New Jersey between the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks.

The positive reviews for Tebow's comical performance prove promising as the former NFL quarterback recently landed a new television role as a college football analyst for ESPN in the SEC Network. Tebow previously played for the Denver Broncos and the New York Jets before becoming a free agent, where he was then picked up by ESPN to travel to a new college campus each weekend and provide in-depth football analysis as part of a pregame show. Tebow had a brief introduction to his new gig on Jan. 6 at the BCS Championship Game, and will fully take on his new role at the start of the 2014 college football season in August in South Carolina.

(Video: YouTube/T-Mobile)
Tim Tebow stars in the new T-Mobile commercials for the 2014 Super Bowl game.