Tim Tebow on the Patriots: Quarterback Uncertain How and If New England Will Use Him

Tim Tebow's stay with the New England Patriots has been similar to his one with the New York Jets: filled with uncertainty.

With the Patriots having a starting quarterback of Tom Brady's caliber, Tebow virtually has zero chance of starting, and is now actually the third string behind Ryan Mallet.

Tebow told The Boston Globe he was unsure if he would play in tonight's pre-season opener against
The Philadelphia Eagles.

"I don't know, it's not something we've really talked about," Tebow said regarding his conversations with coach Bill Belichick on if the status of him playing. "'Just be ready when your number is called,'" Belichick told him.

"I feel like I'm getting better every single day," he said on how he feels working with Brady and asking questions. "More comfortable with the offense, better timing with everybody around me, better understanding of what the coaches want me to do and with the offense, with the reads, with the timing."

"So it's just every day trying to get a little bit better, and it sounds cliché, but it's true. That's really what I'm focused on, and I know it's something that hopefully I've been able to accomplish," Tebow said.

Tim Tebow signed a two-year $1.38 million contract.

It was rumored that Tebow would be converted to tight end with the arrest and charges against Aaron Hernandez, but according to Yahoo! Sports, this will not be happening.

Another factor playing against the quarterback is his contract is not guaranteed, and since he does not seem to be willing to make a position change up until this point in his career, it is uncertain what will happen to him.

ESPN reported that they think Tebow has the benefit of his coaches at his disposal.

Offensive coach Josh McDaniels is one of Tebow's biggest supporters and drafted him to the Denver Broncos three years ago. Bill Belicheck has reportedly always like Tebow's character and work ethic.