Tuesday, April 17, 2012
Tim Tebow to Pursue Preaching After Football?

NY Jets Quarterback Discusses Faith, Family and Love Interests

Tim Tebow to Pursue Preaching After Football?

NFL star and evangelical Christian Tim Tebow recently appeared on "Good Morning America" to discuss his recent move to the New York Jets, his relationship with his family, media rumors, and his commitment to his Christian faith.


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Tebow even addressed during his appearance last week the possibility of pursuing a career in preaching after retiring from football.

When "GMA" co-anchor Robin Roberts asked if he would pursue preaching after the NFL, Tebow responded, "I don't know what my future holds."

Regardless of the amount of fame Tebow has gained as one of the country's star quarterbacks, he told Roberts that his faith is the most important aspect in his life, followed by his family.

Roberts described one of Tebow's goals as "making faith cool."

"It's pretty easy for me to say that the most important thing in my life is my relationship with Jesus Christ, followed by my relationship with family. And football's later on down the line," Tebow told Roberts in the exclusive, one-on-one interview.

As far as joining the New York Jets, Tebow said he looks forward to "building a relationship with my teammates and going in there and trying to earn those guys' respect, one day at a time."

Tebow's mother, Pam, joined him for part of the interview Tebow and his mother share a special relationship, as doctors initially advised her to abort her son due to health complications. She refused, due to her Christian faith.

Roberts then spoke of the 24-year-old's charity work. Tebow invites one sick child as a guest to attend each of his games, whether home or away, as a part of his Tim Tebow Foundation.

Tim Tebow arrives for the Inaugural National Football League Honors at Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis, Ind., Feb. 4, 2012. | (Photo: Reuters/Mike Segar)

"Before a game you know, I can take off my helmet, run over there and spend a few moments with someone who is dealing with so much more than I've ever had to deal with and to love on them and care about them and in front of thousands and thousands of people, you know, let them know that they're more important than all of this," Tebow told Roberts.

Tebow also discussed rampant media rumors surrounding his supposed love life. Various media outlets have linked him to country singer Taylor Swift and "Glee" star Diana Agron.

The athlete diffused the love connection rumors, saying politely of all his suspected interests, "I'm sure they would be lovely."

Roberts then asked Tebow how he remains grounded and guided in light of all the fame.

"I think it's having your priorities and keeping things in perspective. My goal is to create a brighter day for as many people as I possibly can by being on this earth and being someone that can be a good role model," he said.

Tebow was previously quarterback for the Denver Broncos before being picked up as quarterback for the New York Jets.

Along with his missionary work in the Philippines and his participation with the Tim Tebow Foundation, the star athlete also hosts the annual Tebow Foundation Charity Celebrity Golf Classic, held in Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla., this past weekend.


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