Top 10 New Features of Apple's Mac OS X Lion

Earlier today, Apple unveiled its new operating system the ‘OS X Lion’ for Mac units during its annual Worldwide Developers conference (WWDC) in San Francisco’s Moscone center.

Steve Jobs’ taking of the stage was met with a standing ovation, but immediately after giving a brief introduction of the Mac OS X’s evolution, he ceded the mic to Phil Schiller, vice president of Apple, who was in charge of introducing the new features the much anticipated operating system has to offer.

Schiller announced that the OS X Lion had 250 new features. Here are the top 10:

1.Multi-touch gestures – use the multi-touch gestures to dynamically and efficiently scroll, zoom, browse through Safari, photos and other files(no more back or forward buttons, just swipe)
2.Full screen applications – Safari, Garage Band, iPhoto, and all standard Apple apps to be full screen
3.Mission control – a unified view of Expose, Spaces and widgets that can be accessed by a three-finger swipe
4.Mac App store – taking the purchase of apps to another level with the App store built in to the Lion OS, customizable notifications and updates
5.Launchpad – have all your newly purchased or downloaded apps neatly organized in the desktop at the tip of your fingers at a pinch’s gesture
6.Resume – go back to where you were when you quit an application, document or just about anything or go back where you were even after you restart your system. Not grandiose but time-saving, definitely.
7.Autosave for documents – you can “revert to the last opened file”, or “lock” it so that it won’t be changed. One click on “duplicate” and you’re there. Nice.
8.Versions – Autosave won’t save over the previously saved file, but will create versions of it so that you may browse through previous drafts. The best part, all is automatic.
9.Email – Better view-ability, better applicability, and better search capabilities (multi-faceted searches according to person, subject or period)

And finally, the price tag set for this new OS is an electrifying $29. That is $100 dollars less than the previous $129 Apple operating systems cost that sent crowds are roaring.