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Top 5 transgender activism moments in 2018

Top 5 transgender activism moments in 2018

Twitter calls for proposals from people who want to help build a healthier public atmosphere. | Reuters/Kacper Pempel

Twitter changes rules on misgendering, bans feminist for writing "men aren't women"

In a year where many conservatives and pro-lifers frequently complained about Silicon Valley bias against them as many were barred from Twitter for expressing their beliefs, were shadow-banned, or were prohibited from buying ads, the powers that be at the social media giant issued new set of guidelines and restrictions that received pushback spanning the political spectrum.

Twitter's new terms of service forbade such things as "misgendering" and "dead-naming" — using the former name of a trans-identified person prior to transition, deeming such things "hateful conduct" that would not be tolerated.

Those new rules were what got Canadian Meghan Murphy, founder and editor of the independent radical feminist website Feminist Current banned from the platform, even though they had not informed their users of those new rules. Murphy was permanently suspended from Twitter for writing "men aren't women," among other things. The only tweet the social media giant referenced when they permanently banned her was one where she referred to a man who presents as a woman but still uses his male name as "him."

Twitter "would like it to appear to the public that everyone who is progressive or on the left is in support of transgender ideology and gender identity legislation and that it's only conservative Christians who are opposed to it and leave out the other analysis," she told CP in late November.

"Women and girls should not have to tolerate men lurking around in their change rooms, gawking at them or worse, assaulting them. Women fought to have their own sports teams amongst themselves so that they could play and participate," she said.

"And that is all being taken away in just a few years, even less in some cases, all because men are suddenly allowed to claim to be women."