Tucker Carlson asserts 'demonic' forces at work, World War III 'really close'

Famous journalist also predicts religious revival in the US

Journalist Tucker Carlson explained during a recent podcast with Shawn Ryan that he believes humanity is engulfed in a spiritual war.
Journalist Tucker Carlson explained during a recent podcast with Shawn Ryan that he believes humanity is engulfed in a spiritual war. | Screenshot: YouTube/Shawn Ryan Show

Journalist Tucker Carlson explained during a recent podcast with former U.S. Navy SEAL Shawn Ryan that he believes humanity is engulfed in a spiritual war and that World War III could be on the horizon as the final spiritual dividing lines are being drawn.

During a wide-ranging discussion that spanned more than three hours, Carlson spoke to Ryan at length about the spiritual warfare he discerns is taking place in the world, which he believes includes UFOs or so-called "Unidentified Aerial Phenomena," also known as UAPs.

When Ryan asked him if he believes the world is approaching World War III, Carlson said, "We're really close to it, as you know. Really, really, really close."

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"The fact that anyone would even consider getting within a thousand miles of f---ing around with a nuclear exchange just shows you that the core impulse here is suicide," he said. "That's what all of this is. And that's why I personally think it's spiritual. The word 'demonic' is suddenly being overused, it's everywhere, because it's real."

"If you see a human movement that's anti-human — the push toward nuclear war for its own sake is, by definition, anti-human. I would say AI is anti-human, by definition. Transgenderism is anti-human, by definition. Transhumanism is anti-human. Do people act against their own long-term interest? Probably not, actually, so it's probably not human."

"Did dogs act against their own collective interest? Do caribou? Do porcupines? Do single-cell amoeba? Do sea cucumbers? No, none of them do. No animal does that, because it's not natural. Animals are part of nature, they do natural things. People are subject to the supernatural, so they do things that are not natural, like kill themselves."

"That's why we're the only species that kills itself, right?" Carlson continued. "So when you kill yourself, whether slowly or all at once, you're being acted on by forces outside of you — spiritual forces, obviously."

The two went on to discuss UAPs, which Carlson has previously suggested are demonic entities that have a relationship with the U.S. government.

Carlson cited Genesis 6, which some biblical commentators have suggested teaches that fallen angels and humans procreated before the Flood, according to the Encyclopedia Britannica.

Conceding that he is a devout Christian who believes other religions are false, Carlson noted that most belief systems teach that supernatural beings can take physical form, a doctrine he said would include the incarnation of Jesus Christ.

"If every culture in the world that we know about has left any kind of written or physical record is reaching the same conclusions about something, maybe there's something there," he said. "And maybe it's not so crazy to think what everyone else has always thought since the beginning of time, which is that there is this combination in cases of human beings and the spiritual realm, whatever that is."

"I don't understand the specifics of it, but I know that it has been written about since people have been writing," Carlson added, noting that modern man seemingly stopped believing in the supernatural largely after 1945, when they proved they were capable of destroying the world.

After Ryan observed that there is seemingly a deepening cultural divide between Christians and overt satanists that might suggest the end of the world is approaching, Carlson predicted religious revival.

"I don't have too many great insights into things or prophetic feelings," he said. "I'm very conventional, but the one thing that I really felt strongly a couple of years ago — really strongly, I felt it overwhelmingly like from outside me — was that there's some form of religious revival coming. I felt that really strongly."

Carlson said he receives reams of information about the End Times from friends. While he is reticent to formulate a firm opinion on the topic, he said he believes mankind is unmistakably moving toward a crisis point.

"I think history ends, I think we all sort of sense history ends," he said. "But it's also really clear that we don't know when it ends, so I kind of resent that a little bit, because it's like, 'What are you? God? You know the future?'"

Acknowledging that humans are incapable of knowing the future, he also said, "We are clearly moving towards something big."

"Who doesn't feel that? Everybody feels it, and the divide is spiritual," he added.

Since his ouster from Fox News in 2023, Carlson has become more open about his beliefs regarding the spiritual nature of the battles afflicting the world. During a speech to members of the Tarrant County GOP in Texas in March, he exhorted his audience to keep the country's increasingly evident spiritual war in mind amid the approaching election.

"This is not flesh and blood at all. If you’re offended by prayer, you’re taking orders, OK? I don’t see another rational explanation for it," he said.

"You can reduce all these debates about climate, crime, all the weird sex stuff — I'm not going to dignify it with a name, I'm just gonna call it that 'weird sex stuff' — but, if they're promising you the opportunity to castrate your children, what are they really promising? No grandchildren. The end of your line," he continued.

"And Solomon [and] David would like instantly recognize that as an act of total war against you and your people, period," he added. "Because that's what that is."

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