Uganda Inmates’ Testimonies of Faith

Uganda -- Faith-based revisions and initiatives within prison walls helped change the lives of inmates in Uganda, even after professional therapy failed. CB International, a prison bible study, released several testimonies they received from the inmates touched by their ministry.

"Before I accepted Christ, I was filled with anger. I hated God and I would stone anyone who claimed to be a Christian when they came to our village. Now I'm preaching the gospel."--Robert

"I loved to beat up people. I was a good fighter and I enjoyed destroying people who spoke about Christ. But when I ended up in prison I found myself accepting Christ."--James

"I was from a saved family. But when they tried to preach to me about Christ, I called them devils. I had to be thrown in prison before I would realize that Christ is the true and living God."—Bosco

"I am preaching to other prisoners and winning them to Christ. Now that I am in prison, I have found freedom.”—William. Prior to his conversion, William was a successful highway robber.

"On my way to murder someone I stopped to watch an evangelistic crusade. The preacher stated that there was a witch in the crowd and he started to pray for his conversion. Suddenly I was arrested. In prison I found Christ and now I love to preach to others."—Edward. Prior to his conversion, Edward claims to have bewitched and murdered numerous people.

"I was the worst of the worse. I enjoyed beating up my family and my relatives. I entertained myself by beating up children and watching them suffer. I hated Christ. But last year the police caught me and I received Christ in prison. I now spend my time witnessing to prisoners."--Bobby

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