Websites for Undecided Voters: Fact Checkers, Quizzes, and More

Are you unsure about who you will vote for in next Tuesday's election? Here are some websites that can help.

Your Local Newspaper

While the presidential race gets most of the attention, there will be other elections on the ballot. All House members and 33 senators are up for re-election. Depending on your state, you may also have state or local races, or referendums on the ballot. Your local newspaper should have a sample ballot so you will know what you are voting on before you reach the polling location. Local newspapers are also a good source for finding your polling location.

Candidate Websites

The best place to go to find where a candidate stands on the issues is their own website. Below are the websites for the presidential candidates.

Virgil Goode, Constitution Party

Gary Johnson, Libertarian Party

Barack Obama, Democratic Party

Mitt Romney, Republican Party

Jill Stein, Green Party

Fact Checkers

Several websites are now devoted to fact checking what candidates say. Keep in mind that these fact checkers also have their own biases, but having reporters devoted to finding the truth is a valuable service. The most well-known fact checkers are, and The Washington Post's "The Fact Checker."

"Who Should I Vote For?" Quizzes

There are a host of websites that will tell you how close you are to a candidate on the issues based upon how you answer a series of questions. Keep in mind that all of these contain their own biases, so it is wise to use several. Two of these are and The Wall Street Journal's Vote Compass.

Information About the Candidates

CNN's "Election Center" has a good summary of the two major party candidates. You can find short biographies, campaign spending information, and issue stances.

The Christian Post also ran a series of articles on where the candidates stand on a range of issues, which can be found here: abortion, education, immigration, religious freedom, jobs and the economy, health care, and taxes, deficits and the federal budget.

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