Wii U Release Date: Sony and Microsoft Unsure How to Compete?

The Wii U is expected to launch in early to mid 2012, and Sony and Microsoft do not know enough about Nintendo’s next-generation console to compete, according to Smh.com.

Sony Computer Entertainment Australia’s Managing Director Michael Ephraim was recently asked how he thought the PS3 would do against the upcoming Wii U, and his reaction came with uncertainty.

“It’s very hard because at E3 there wasn’t a lot of information,” said Ephraim.

“There’s plenty of question marks about our competitor with their new device,” Ephraim added. “Whether it is going to be a competitor to PS3 or a different kind of device. There are so many variables that it’s hard to say right now.”

Price is one of the biggest factors when it comes to competing, because Nintendo gained some advantage in the market with the original Wii by undercutting PS3 and Xbox 360, according to Ephraim.

He also commented on the new controller that debuted at E3 for the Wii U and how it will affect the price.

“With a tablet type of controller, just looking at the technology and what they showed at E3, it’s not going to be priced at the normal Wii customer,” said Ephraim.

Microsoft's Regional Director Andy Coughlin is also confused about the direction Nintendo is going in with the Wii U.

“I don’t know what it even is or what it’s meant to be,” he said. “But there’s always a place for new things. Nintendo is a neat company. They make cool stuff.”

Coughlin believes the Xbox 360 will remain strong in the coming months, and will be a valid competitor once the Wii U is launched.

He said that Kinect and titles like “Gears of War” would keep the console afloat for a long time.