Young Jeezy's 'Holy Ghost Remix' Removed After Bishop TD Jakes Speaks Out?

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(Photo: The Christian Post/Jessica Martinez)Bishop T.D. Jakes at a book signing for "Instinct: The Power to Unleash Your Inborn Drive," in Washington, D.C.

Rapper Young Jeezy's "Holy Ghost Remix" has been removed from some Internet platforms after Bishop T.D. Jakes expressed issues with part of his sermon being added to the track.

Jeezy used a part of Jakes' February 2013 sermon titled "Don't Let the Chatter Stop You" in his "Holy Ghost Remix" featuring fellow rapper Kendrick Lamar. After Bishop Jakes expressed an issue with being featured in the song, the record was removed from streaming platforms like SoundCloud and YouTube.

Jakes, the senior pastor of The Potter's House megachurch in Dallas, Texas, is featured in the introduction of the 36-year-old rapper Young Jeezy's song where he states,

"... I'm under attack, but I'm still on fire
I got some chatter, but I'm still on fire
I got some threat, but I'm still on fire
I got some liabilities, but I'm still on fire
If it's not amazing that I'm on fire
I've been to hell and back, but I'm still on fire."

In the song's hook, Jeezy, who was born Jay Wayne Jenkins, raps about the Rolls Royce that he nicknames a Holy Ghost.

"Please Lord forgive him, you know he got that thug in him, we lust for alcohol and we love women. ... Got the seats reclined and I be doin' the most in the back of this Holy Ghost," Jeezy rhymes on the record.

Last month, the pastor's team took to Facebook to let people know that there was an issue with Jakes' voice being used on the rap record.

"SPECIAL NOTICE: The 'Holy Ghost' remix by Jeezy featuring Kendrick Lamar was produced without the knowledge or consent of T.D. Jakes, TDJ Enterprises, Dexterity Music or its associated companies," the Facebook message from T.D. Jakes Ministries reads. "We are taking the necessary legal actions to stop the unauthorized use of T.D. Jakes' intellectual property."

While The Dallas Morning News reported that Lamar's spokesperson was unaware of the pending lawsuit, Jakes' spokesperson wouldn't comment because they do not publicly comment on legal matters.