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87-Year-Old Accusing Trump: Chicago Woman 'Playing Age Card?'

87-Year-Old Accusing Trump: Chicago Woman 'Playing Age Card?'

Donald Trump accused the elderly woman who is suing him of "playing the age card" recently, according to reports on Monday.

Jackie Goldberg, 87, is suing the business magnate in federal court under allegations that he ripped her off when he sold her two $1 million hotel condo units within downtown Chicago's Trump Tower. After the deal, Trump reneged on financial incentives promised to early investors.

During a tirade in the lobby of the Dirksen Federal Court building on Wednesday, Trump touted that Goldberg was being "disgraceful," according to The Chicago Sun Times.

The television personality also said that Goldberg was scamming him in order to keep her $500,000 deposit.

"She's trying to rip me off," Trump told The Chicago Tribune. "She really is. She concocted the whole situation."

Furthermore, Trump was also at battle with Goldberg's attorney, Shelly Kulwin, in the courtroom. When tensions rose to a fever pitch, Judge Amy St. Eve was forced to step in, temporarily halting the civil jury trial.

The judge told them that they had been "dancing around and boxing with each other for 45 minutes," according to The Sun Times.

"This is not a boxing ring," St. Eve added. "Do you think the jury likes this? If you think the jury likes it, I can assure you they don't- you're wasting their time."

Meanwhile, Trump's sharp remarks about the plaintiff are hardly the first time the billionaire has landed in hot water over his opinions.

Just two weeks ago, Trump came under fire after posting what some people believed was an anti-Semitic tweet about "The Daily Show" host Jon Stewart.

"I promise you that I'm much smarter than Jon Leibowitz- I mean Jon Stewart," Trump wrote to his followers.

"If Jon Stewart is so above it all & legit, why did he change his name from Jonathan Leibowitz," Trump continued. "He should be proud of his heritage!"

The chairman and president of The Trump Organization then added, "Jon Stewart is a total phony- he should cherish his part- not run from it. As I've said many times before, Jon Stewart is highly overrated."


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