Battlefield 4 Update Tracker List Released by DICE Shows Top 22 Game Problems, Glitches, and Bugs

Battlefield 4 developers, DICE, have created a list to track the top 22 problems, glitches, and errors that in the game.

"We at DICE have a long tradition of supporting our games and our community well after the release of a title. While millions of players are enjoying Battlefield 4, we are aware that some players are experiencing issues with the game," the company posted on BattleLog.

The post continued, "If you are one of them, this Battlefield 4 tracker will give you the latest updates in regards to some of the top issues we are going to fix and fan feedback we're implementing in the game. We always work with trackers for our games internally which enables us to track and fix bugs as quickly as possible. We've never made it external before, but this seems like a great way to keep you constantly updated on how we're progressing."

All of the tracked issues have one of three statuses next to it: fixed, in the process of being fixed, or on its or being investigated.

"INVESTIGATING means we are aware of a specific issue and working to reproduce it. Often, getting a solid reproduction is what actually allows us to eliminate a bug in the end," BattleLog posted. "FIXING means that we have been able to reproduce an issue and are working on a fix. This might be a simple line of code or a larger task. Once we have the solution, we code, test and get it live. An issue with the label FIXING is on its way to being resolved."

"FIX LIVE means that we have fixed the issue in a patch that has already gone live. For example, we had a bug that accounted for a quarter of all crashes on PS4. That issue was fixed in the latest PS4 game update that went live Dec 5. Many other issues are already addressed," they continued.

See the full list here.

A Battlefield 4 PC update came out yesterday in order to fix corrupt save files and glitches affecting gameplay. As DICE is rolled out the new patch, Battlefield 4 multiplayer for Windows PC was down to aid in the fix.

The Xbox 360 patch was released late last week, and had to be installed manually once the game is booted up. The patch was essentially the same thing as the PS3 one that was released the day before, and will work to fix the bugs and glitches that have plagued the game since its launch.

"Multiplayer Update 3" can be downloaded from the Xbox Live Marketplace reports Polygon.

Battlefield 4 was released on Oct. 29 for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC, the PS4 on Nov. 15, and the Xbox One on Nov. 22.

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