'Dragon Ball Legends' Release Date: Players to Take On the Role of an 'Ancient Saiyan'; Movie Connection, Story and Gameplay Detailed

Dragon Ball Legends
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New details have been revealed about the central character in the upcoming mobile game, "Dragon Ball Legends."

In a Chinese press release translated by the trusted "Dragon Ball" watcher Herms98, the main character is named Charlotte. He is described as an "ancient Saiyan."

The character, which was designed by "Dragon Ball" creator Akira Toriyama for "Dragon Ball Legends," will serve as the player avatar in the game so he will be customizable to an extent.

The story in "Dragon Ball Legends" ties in with the upcoming "Dragon Ball Super" movie, but Herms98 does not believe that Charlotte is the same one to be introduced in the movie since Toriyama designed Charlotte specifically for the mobile game.

Either way, the character seems to be very important in the overall saga. After all, the movie is expected to explore the origin of the Saiyan power, and Charlotte happens to be an ancient Saiyan from a long time ago, which suggests, his significance to its history.

However, since "Dragon Ball Legends" is all about bringing characters from various time periods to determine who's the strongest, it makes sense that a character from the distant past joins the action. Whether or not Charlotte will find his way to the anime or more mainstream content remains unknown at the moment.

"Dragon Ball Legends" producer Keigo Ikeda did have something to say about the role of Charlotte in the game, but still made sure to keep some cards close to his chest such as the voice actor for the new character.

"The original characters will gather together because of the chaos of space and time, and Charlotte will fight with Wu Kong and others because of an incident," he said in the same Chinese article.

Ikeda added that the name of the character was chosen by Toriyama himself from a list of possible names drafted by the development team.

"Everyone knows that the names of Saiyan people are all vegetables. 'Charlotte' means 'Shallot,'" he said with a laugh, referring to the "Dragon Ball" tradition of naming the characters after vegetables.

Ikeda also disclosed that there are a total of 32 slots to be filled in the "Dragon Ball Legends" roster and that three to four Super Saiyan versions will be included as well as a Jade version and Vegeta version.

What makes the mobile game unique is the presence of character cards categorized by rarity. Ikeda admitted that distinguishing the rarities was not part of the initial plan because they love each character equally and did not want to practically rank them.

"However, in the end, for various reasons, we give three ranks of cards, the rarest of them. It is 'Sparking,' 'Extreme' in the middle, and 'Hero' in the ordinary," He explained.

"I deliberately set it to look like I don't know who is stronger in the end," he joked before pointing out that rareness cannot be improved or enhanced; only the cards can be upgraded and strengthened. That being said, rarity is not indicative of the level of strength in the game.

"Dragon Ball Legends" is slated to launch on the iOS and Android this summer.

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