Friday, April 27, 2012
First Real Picture of the Samsung Galaxy S3 Leaks (PHOTO)

First Real Picture of the Samsung Galaxy S3 Leaks (PHOTO)

A picture of what is being confirmed to be the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S3 has leaked onto the internet.

There have been many fakes and mock-ups that have surfaced recently; however, YouMobile is now saying that this new picture is the real thing.

The outer body resembles both the Galaxy S2 and Galaxy S2 Skyrocket that is currently available on AT&T. It features the same home button as the Galaxy S2 with the back and menu buttons included on the bottom of the Skyrocket.

The screen appears to be quite big, somewhere around 4.7-inches with a really thin bezel.

YouMobile also notes that the design of the device in the picture is slightly curved, which makes its body of the handset similar to the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

The top of the device features a front camera on the right of the speaker that also includes the Samsung logo in the same area.

The Korean electronics giant sent out an invite to the event last week called "Come and meet the next Galaxy," where the company will finally unveil the long awaited successor to the Galaxy S2.

This Mobile Unpacked 2012 event is set to take place on May 3 in London, England.

Samsung is also rumored to be unveiling the next-generation Galaxy Tab at Mobile Unpacked 2012.

The company recently stated that the Galaxy S3 launch and unveiling will take place close together. This means Galaxy fans should be able to get their hands on the smartphone sometime next month.

Rumored specifications for the Galaxy S3 include a 4.6-inch display at 720 x 1184 without on-screen buttons or 720 x 1280 resolution including the on-screen buttons with 320 DPI, 1GB of RAM, an 8-megapixel camera, 16GB of internal storage and a microSD slot.

The only confirmed component for the device is the Exynos quad-core 1.4Ghz processor.


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