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Fort Bragg Suspect Dies After Killing Commander on Base

Fort Bragg Suspect Dies After Killing Commander on Base

A soldier charged with killing his commander and injuring one other during a safety briefing before the Fourth of July weekend was pronounced dead on Friday.

Spec. Ricky G. Elder, 27, opened fire on his own unit last week, injuring one soldier and killing another before turning the gun on himself. Spc. Michael E. Latham, 22, suffered minor wounds and was released for the hospital later in the week. Lt. Col. Roy Tisdale, 42, of Alvin, Texas was killed.

Elder was facing court martial for stealing a toolkit that was valued to be worth $1,700.

Tisdale began his military career on the front line in the infantry division in 1993. He worked his way up the ranks and achieved command of the battalion at the beginning of this year. The Lt. Col. had served in both Iraq and Afghanistan and earned a Purple Heart amongst other prestigious awards according to

Elder enlisted in the infantry division in 2004 and also served in Iraq and Afghanistan, each for a one year term.

"A nursing supervisor at Cape Fear Valley Medical Center said Sunday that Spec. Ricky G. Elder, 27, of Hutchinson, Kan., died at Cape Fear Valley Medical Center on Friday," WRal reported.

Many responded to the tragic death of the highly honored Lt. Col.

"Lt. Col. Roy Tisdale had a young family; a son, a daughter and a wife. He served in Iraq & Afghanistan. He was respected career soldier and was an all around good guy. He deserved so much more than this," edwest70 wrote on the Huffington Post blog after the names of those injured were released.

"What a shame...Lt. Col. Roy Tisdale has a uniform full of ribbons and accomplishment's from numerous rigorous training's," RoninRoshi added. "I have met a few men like the late Col.Tisdale during my military time and they are great and honorable men and few and far between...Col.Tisdale RIP!"