'Grimm' Season 5 Spoilers: A German Uncle with a Clue and a Twist on Peter Pan

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NBC's fantasy police procedural drama, "Grimm," is due to return to NBC on Friday and already, spoilers about the coming Season 5 have inundated the Internet.

By the end of the week, "Grimm" Season 5 will be introducing a relative. Monroe's German uncle, Felix Dietrich, an antiquarian bookseller who is bespectacled and slightly loopy, has come into the possession of some ancient volumes concerning Grimms.

The old books will be a great help to Nick, considering Juliette set fire to the trailer last season and burned everything valuable in it. However, there are some people who will do anything, including murder, to get their hands on the newly-discovered books and Dietrich will turn up States-side to beg Monroe's help around Episode 10 in the coming season, titled "Map of the Seven Knights."

The question remains whether the ancient volumes contain any answers about the Seven Keys. With the show about to close its doors on that particular long-winded storyline, the ancient tomes may finally contain clues leading to the elusive seventh key.

"Lost Boys," another episode fans should look out for, is due to air around mid-November, which features a bizarre twist to the Peter Pan story. A woman goes missing after a band of orphans gravitate towards her as a mother figure. Monroe, Nick, and Hank will find themselves racing against time to find the missing woman after it is discovered her disappearance is linked to another missing persons case that ended up badly.

Audiences should also expect Season 5 to show "Grimm's" characters start letting go of a lot of bad experiences in their lives. Nick is likely to try moving forward from the Juliette disaster, as well as his mother's death, and may be portrayed going through a lengthy mourning and quest-for-revenge period, while Adalind will try to adapt to all the changes that have come into her life, including her son.

"Grimm" Season 5 is expected to return to NBC on October 30, Friday at 9pm ET.

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