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'House of Cards' Season 6 Production Begins; Casting Notice Appears in Baltimore Set Location

'House of Cards' Season 6 Production Begins; Casting Notice Appears in Baltimore Set Location

Production finally resumes on "House of Cards" season 6 after months of delay due to Kevin Spacey's firing. Casting notices were sent out for appearances that will begin filming on Jan. 31 at a Baltimore set location.

Robin Wright will lead the cast of "House of Cards" season 6 since Kevin Spacey won't be in the show. | Facebook/HouseofCards

Reports revealed that the casting notices do not actually mention "House of Cards" season 6 but rather cite a "popular political drama." There is, however, only one production in the area and it's none other than the Netflix series.

"House of Cards" season 6 originally started production in October. Two weeks into the filming, however, the sexual harassment cases against its lead star blew up.

Production studio Media Right Capital shut down work before Thanksgiving and evaluated the situation on the set of "House of Cards." Netflix then later announced that Spacey, as Frank Underwood, won't be part of season 6 and the show will take a break until the writers have new scripts featuring Robin Wright (Claire Underwood) as the new lead.

Netflix also confirmed that "House of Cards" would end after season 6. The streaming platform is also exploring a potential spinoff but details to this show have not yet been completely worked out.

Meanwhile, Netflix gave "House of Cards" season 6 eight episodes to properly close the show. The series originally had 13 episodes per season.

It's unclear, however, how the writers will write off Spacey's character since he was still heavily part of the series in the last season. Spacey's Underwood resigned as president during his second term due to various scandals in season 5 and his wife, Claire, as First Lady, took over. In the original British series, however, Underwood's counterpart died in the final season but was given honor in a State funeral.

"House of Cards," which was Netflix's first original content, premiered on the platform in 2013. The show received a Peabody Award in 2014 and Spacey won a few times as Best Actor at the Golden Globes and the Screen Actors Guild.



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