Monday, May 07, 2012
iPhone 5 Rumors: Apple Looking to Acquire Domain Name

iPhone 5 Rumors: Apple Looking to Acquire Domain Name

Apple is reportedly looking to acquire the domain name from the World Intellectual Property Organization, according to a

"Apple is planning ahead for the release of the next iPhone by filing a complaint with the World Intellectual Property Organization over The domain dispute popped up on WIPO's website this week," wrote Fusible. does not currently belong to Apple, but is the home of many different smartphone advertisements and online forums discussing the next-generation iPhone.

Apple has reportedly been working on acquiring a variety of domain names related to its products.

The company has already secured the rights to,,, and other domains being used by an adult website operator.

Apple also won disputes with WIPO over websites that were using the company's name including,,, and

Back in July of 2011, the company acquired the rights for both and for an undisclosed amount after opting to pay for the domain names.

This took place over a year after the device was launched.

"Apple's pursuit of the domain is interesting given how slow the company has been to take action to secure domains related to its previous products," wrote MacRumors.

By Apple looking to secure this domain name, it could mean that the company will be naming its next-generation smartphone the iPhone 5 and not "the new iPhone," a name others have rumored for the device.

The name for the next iPhone has been up in the air since it will be the sixth generation iPhone. It would have made more sense to call the 4S the 5 since it was the true fifth-generation version. "The new iPhone" branding would make sense, since Apple has already branded the iPad in a similar way.