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Jewel Reveals 'Bible Diet' Helped Her Shed Pounds

Singer-songwriter Jewel revealed that she used the "Bible" diet in order to help shed unwanted pounds. She also admitted that previous diets often failed, but that the "Bible" diet is what helped her the most.

"I do the Biblical diet, which means eating whole foods like they did in the time when the Bible was being written … so grass-fed beef, but no chemicals or genetically altered foods," Jewel told Radar Online.

The "Bible" diet, also known as the Maker's Diet, focuses on eating foods that were found or mentioned in the Bible. According to advocate Jordan S. Rubin, the diet endorses foods that were traditionally seen as "clean," such as grains, seeds, fruits and nuts, livestock, fish, birds and insects. These foods were all described as being "clean" in the Old Testament.

Shellfish such as shrimp, lobsters and clams have been deemed "unclean" and dieters are urged to stay away from them. The Bible diet stems mainly from the book of Leviticus, which includes traditional Jewish law and customs. Many practicing Jews still follow this specific diet today and even go so far as to keep their meats and dairy products apart to adhere to kosher standards.

"Oh, I went through every fad like any girl," Jewel admitted. "I was never bulimic or anything, though. I had no talent for throwing up."

The Maker's Diet became a best seller when it came out in 2004; Rubin has claimed that eating a Biblically-based diet can offer longevity and promote healing. However, Rubin has also been criticized for endorsing and promoting the diet, given that he is not credited or licensed by the North American Board of Naturopathic Examiners or the Council on Naturopathic Medical Education.

Eating organically has been recognized as the healthiest diet, and if Jewel is focused on eating whole foods, not genetically altered ones, she, like others, may experience a healthier life.

Jewel is married to Ty Murray, whom she said, "likes me how I am."

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