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Josh Powell Explosion Kills Two Sons

Josh Powell Explosion Kills Two Sons

Josh Powell and his two sons have been killed in an explosion in Powell's home in Graham, Washington.

According to FOX 13, local Washington authorities have confirmed that the explosion, which took place on Sunday afternoon, was premeditated, planned, and intentional.

According to CNN, a case worker was dropping both sons off at the location when all of a sudden Powell stormed the scene, got both of his sons to enter the house and locked the case worker outside.

A few moments later the worker recalled the smelling of gas and suddenly the house exploded.

The explosion may have been Powell's response for extreme dissatisfaction against a ruling made earlier this week giving Chuck and Judy Cox the continuous custody of his boys while Powell would only be permitted to visit them.

Josh Powell was undergoing a custody battle with Chuck and Judy Cox, the parents of his former wife Susan Cox Powell who went missing in December of 2009.

When Cox went missing Powell was the only suspect.

According to authorities, there have no other casualties deriving from this incident.


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