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Lady Gaga Cancels Tour Date in Indonesia After Islamists Call Her 'Devil's Envoy'

Lady Gaga Cancels Tour Date in Indonesia After Islamists Call Her 'Devil's Envoy'

Lady Gaga, 26-year-old international pop star, has reportedly canceled her "Born This Way Ball" tour date in Indonesia on June 3 after the Muslim community accused her of being a messenger of the devil.

Salim Alatas, the head of the hard-line group in Jakarta, Indonesia called the Islamic Defenders Front, spoke about why the group was against the singer's performance, which was set to take place in the 52,000-seat Gelora Bung Karno stadium in the capital.

"She's a vulgar singer who wears only panties and a bra when she sings and she stated she is the envoy of the devil's child and that she will spread satanic teaching," Alatas said in a Reuters report. "This is dangerous."

The publication reported that Jakarta police were concerned they may have trouble protecting Gaga and denied her a permit to perform with the protection of security. As a result, the singer was forced to cancel her show despite the sold out crowd that paid to pack out the stadium.

Half of the tickets for the show reportedly were sold in two hours, and some fans spoke about being upset about the cancellation. Mariska Renata had tickets to the Jakarta show, and said she was disappointed she could no longer attend.

"I'm very disappointed," Renata said in an Associated Press report."We are mature enough to be able to separate our own moral values from arts and culture."

Still, many outside of the Islamic community have spoken out about Gaga and her use of religious themes in the United States. The singer has also been the center of controversy with songs like "Judas," in which she sings about clinging to a demon.

The singer's former creative director, Laurieann Gibson, once spoke about being uncomfortable working with Gaga on the "Judas" video set.

"At one point, there was two completely different views and after the third glass of wine, I was like, 'Listen, I don't want lightning to strike me,'" Gibson said. "I believe in the Gospel and I'm not going there."

Although Gaga's record sales and tours have proven that she has a strong following, some spectators have become uncomfortable with her attitude toward religion.

"Celebrity of the year can never be Lady Gaga," one person wrote on Twitter after a performance of Gaga's earlier this year. "Not hating but she worships the devil to get her fame. She couldn't wait for the fame and fortune."


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