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Ladybugs Swarming: Tennessee Valley Residents Suffer Asian Ladybug Infestation

Ladybugs Swarming: Tennessee Valley Residents Suffer Asian Ladybug Infestation

An Asian Ladybug. | (Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Andreas Trepte,

Ladybugs are swarming across the Tennessee Valley, with dozens of residents from the area complaining about the sudden infestation.

The infestation has been caused by Asian Ladybugs, with experts suggesting they are frantically searching for somewhere warm to stay before the colder weather moves in.

It appears as though the Asian Ladybugs have found the warmth from homes in the Tennessee Valley as the best place to settle. The lights from the houses, as well as colored walls and upholstery have attracted them, according to reports.

Scientists insist that the Ladybugs are not harmful at all to humans, but coming in such large numbers they have become a large pest for those living in the region.

Harvey Cotten from the Huntsville Botanical Gardens has said, "One reason I think we may be seeing more of them is that this summer was so cool and we had a lot more rain.

"We had a lot more foliage growing and we had a lot more bugs like aphids and other insects out there. They were the food source of these ladybugs and so they bred more."

Residents are being advised to use a vacuum or bug trap to get rid of them. Experts advise not crushing them, as they leave a bad stain on walls or areas where they have been stomped on.

Kenneth Creel from the Madison County Extension said, "If the only thing it did was attack kudzu, it would be perfect, but it doesn't just do that. It attacks other legumes, though, like soybeans."

Experts have said that the Asian Ladybug infestation should only last a week or two for those in Tennessee Valley.


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