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'Mass Effect' Theme Park Attraction Teases Opening Later This Month

'Mass Effect' Theme Park Attraction Teases Opening Later This Month

California's Great America, an amusement park in Santa Clara, has teased the opening of a "Mass Effect" theme park attraction. Great America is opening the attraction based on "BioWare's" space epic to the public later this month.

The amusement park's official Twitter account shared an image (above) of the upcoming attraction on Saturday. The photo provides a glimpse of the space adventure that awaits park goers. The new theme park attraction, dubbed "Mass Effect: New Earth 4D," officially opens on May 18.

BioWare, developer of the game, announced the "Mass Effect: New Earth 4D" in September last year. According to that previous announcement, the new theme park attraction will be a motion-based ride simulating Commander Shepard's the SSV Normandy. Described as a "4D holographic journey" by the trailer (below) released earlier this month, the "Mass Effect" attraction will feature the use of 3D glasses and a live performer.

"The interactive ride, curated by a live performer, will take guests on a journey to a distant planet, where they will face off against larger-than-life foes and fight to save the day," BioWare said in a blog post last year. "Using cutting-edge 3D technology and 4D effects, the ride throws passengers right into the action, creating a fantastical adventure that they won't soon forget."

"Mass Effect: New Earth 4D" will be located at the Action Theatre. The newly renovated theater previously contained Mumble's Wild Ride, a theme park attraction based on the 2006 film "Happy Feet."

Aside from saying it will have "the world's largest 3D LED screen," Great America, BioWare, or publisher Electronic Arts did not reveal if or which characters from the game will be featured in the attraction, notes Slash Gear. Neither did the companies say if the attraction will somehow tie into the upcoming entry to the series, "Mass Effect: Andromeda." The game is expected to come out in early 2017.