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PS4 Games to Look Forward to in 2013

PS4 Games to Look Forward to in 2013

Sony's PS4 is confirmed for a 2013 release and there is already an exciting list of games that will come out for the system.

The list includes various titles that will be first to test the limits of the new console and excite customers determined to purchase the system around its official release date.

The first of these games is the sci-fi shooter known as "Destiny." This title is being developed by Bungie, a company made famous for creating the wildly popular first person shooter "Halo" for the Xbox.

Bungie has made claims that this game will act on its own, making events happen that are not controlled or planned. Its game play will be like an always-online first-person shooter that will incorporate massively multiplayer online game elements.

Another exiting game that will be released for the PS4 is "Driveclub." The title is being developed by Evolution Studios and will be focused on team-based racing. The company recently stated that is has collaborated with some of the best car companies to make the vehicles in the game as authentic as possible.

There will also be a sequel to one of the PS3's hit games known as "Infamous: Second Son." The game will follow a character named Delsin Rowe who is the star of the Second Son. He realizes he has special powers after he saves a bunch of people from a burning bus wreck. Rowe does not know how he received this ability and spends much of the game investigating its origin.

"Knack" plays a bit like "Crash Bandicoot" and a bit like "Katamari Damacy." It features a main character that was once a doctor who studied ancient relics from a long lost civilization for many years- eventually, he found a way to bind them and give them consciousness. Through this he was able to create a creature called Knack who can transform from a 3-foot creature into a giant.