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'Scorpion' Season 4 Spoilers: The Geniuses Become Idiots In New Episode; Katharine McPhee Stays

'Scorpion' Season 4 Spoilers: The Geniuses Become Idiots In New Episode; Katharine McPhee Stays

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The upcoming episode of "Scorpion" season 4 will see the team member's minds downgrading.

The synopsis for the next episode, titled "Dumbster Fire," states that Team Scorpion will find themselves becoming stupid, which is a far change from their usual genius ways. Paige will have to take on the difficult task of explaining everything to them and simplifying complex sciences in order to stop the formation of a black hole.

Meanwhile, Florence (Tina Majorino) will lend Sylvester (Ari Stidham) a hand with a special project, causing the two to grow closer than before.

Danger has always been a common element for Team Scorpion, as demonstrated in the previous episode, titled "Nerd, Wind and Fire." There, the team put their heads together in order to save a doctor and a pilot whose helicopter crashed. Walter (Elyes Gabel) put his life on the line in the process of rescuing the two, but he ultimately got out of the whole ordeal alive.

The episode also showed the personal lives of the team members. Toby (Eddie Kaye Thomas) found out that he is the reason why he and Happy (Jadyn Wong) have been having a hard time conceiving. Sparks flew between Sylvester and Florence, while Paige discovered the song Walter wrote for her.

Speaking of Paige, fans need not worry about her future on "Scorpion." Actress Katharine McPhee, who plays Paige, was recently cast as the lead role of Jenna in the Broadway musical "Waitress," replacing composer and star Sara Bareilles.

However, that does not mean she will be leaving the CBS show. According to TVLine, production on the fourth season would have already wrapped by the time McPhee makes her Broadway debut. Her stint on the musical will end on June 17, which is before the expected start date of production on a potential season 5.

"Scorpion" season 4 airs Mondays, at 10 p.m. EST on CBS.


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