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Vigilante Attack: California Father, Daughter Charged in Attack on Rape Suspect (VIDEO)

Vigilante Attack: California Father, Daughter Charged in Attack on Rape Suspect (VIDEO)

A vigilante attack in California has led to the arrest of a father and his teenage daughter who now face attempted murder and mayhem charges.

The pair, as well as a friend of the girl, are being charged after allegedly luring a 21 year old man to a park before beating him with a baseball bat.

According to authorities, victim, Esteban Cruz, was lured to a park in Temecula, California, by the 16 year old girl, who had previously told her father and her 20 year old friend, Andre Edwin Dickerson, that Cruz had raped her.

The daughter had claimed that she had been raped after passing out drunk on Cruz's bed last November.

After Cruz was led to the park, he was attacked by Dickerson who used a baseball bat to hit him while the father and daughter looked on.

Cruz was badly beaten and suffered skull fractures, numerous broken bones, lost teeth, as well as injuries to his lungs.

The defense attorney in the case is claiming that the girl was the victim and that Cruz was simply a predator who wanted to attack young girls. The attorney, David Grande, has revealed text messages from Cruz asking the girl to drink alcohol, smoke marijuana, and have sexual relations with him.

In one message the girl allegedly asked Cruz why he wanted to have sexual relations with a 16 year old, to which he reportedly replied, "It's the thing I do."

Cruz has also been arrested and charged with sodomy of a minor, and is currently in jail on $50,000 bail.

The news comes out just days after another story from Bolivia described how an entire village carried out vigilante justice on a rape-murder suspect, by burying him alive with his alleged victim.

Here is a video news report into the attack:


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