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Xbox One Release Delayed in Asia Until September 2014, PS4 Gains Advantage

Xbox One Release Delayed in Asia Until September 2014, PS4 Gains Advantage

Xbox One will be further delaying its release in other countries as some places may not see the console until September 2014, which all but insures the PS4 will outsell them in that market.

Originally the Xbox One was to launch in 21 countries, but Microsoft lightened their load to just 13 come launch day. Initially these now alienated countries only had to wait until early 2014. Now, according to Geek, most of these countries will have to wait until July, and some until September to receive an Xbox One.

During this time period Sony has the opportunity to sweep in and gain total dominance of the whole video market in that country, putting Xbox at a significant disadvantage. Geek also states that the PS4 could take liberties and drop the price of their console and have the Xbox One be well over $100 more than the PS4.

The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One each sold over a million consoles on their launch days as they sold out almost immediately everywhere they were released.

The huge success of the two launches put Sony and Microsoft in the position to do as they please because at the current prices, people are still purchasing the consoles. They will not likely see any price cuts until 2015 because of the rapid demand, a new report on the two consoles predicted.

"You would certainly cut the price of hardware because there is a demand issue," said Colin Sebastian, an interactive media analyst with Baird Research, told CNET. "GameStop has 30 million PowerUp Rewards members who are active gamers, and we're only predicting sales of 6 million total units."

The "demand issues" he is referring to here is "lack of sales," something the two consoles are not experiencing so far. The PS3 sold poorly in its first year because its $599 price tag was too high for people. Once the console price was lowered it began selling just about as well as the Xbox 360, however, it was too late to catch up. Microsoft took the last-generation console wars as far as popularity.

The PS4 is available for $399 while the Xbox One can be purchased for $499.


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