Young Father Purchases Xbox One on eBay for $735, Gets Scammed for a Pricey Picture Instead

A 19-year-old teen from England was duped out of $735 after purchasing an Xbox One FIFA Day One edition on eBay, and instead received just a picture of the console.

Peter Clatworthy, father of a four year-old, was saving up and looking to buy the console for his young son for Christmas. The $735 for the Day one edition was actually a pretty good deal as most were selling for over $800. However, there was one major problem, what he was purchasing was an Xbox One picture.

Clatworthy admitted that he saw it said photo in the listing, but because of the placement and category of the posting he figured it was a mistake or just text and went along with the purchase.

"It said 'photo' and I was in two minds, but I looked at the description and the fact it was in the right category made me think it was genuine," he said to the Nottingham Post.

He knew there was a big problem when he received a flat envelope instead of a big package in the mail. Upon opening it was just as the description read, a picture of the Xbox One printed on grainy crumbled paper with a thank you note on the back.

Ebay told Clatworthy that they would be refunding him the full amount of money because the description was misleading.

"I told my brother and he was crying with laughter. So were all of my mates. It is quite embarrassing," he said to the Dailymail. "Even my mum said I was a bit stupid considering it said it was a photo on the listing,"
He continued, "This has definitely turned me off eBay and I don't think I will be using it again because of this...It has potentially ruined Christmas."

Clatworthy said he had emailed the seller to confirm if the product was in fact a console, to which the seller replied yes. "So he did lie to me," he said.

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