Brittney R. Villalva

Christian Post Reporter

Cissy Houston's Faith Enough to Save Bobbi Kristina?

Cissy Houston has been considered a woman of deep faith who was willing to give up her career to raise her family. Despite her efforts to save her daughter from the world, Whitney's struggles still overcame her, leaving Cissy Houston to care for her only daughter. Will Houston's faith be enough to save her granddaughter?

Oprah Hopes Others Will Find Path to God

Oprah recently recounted her experience of visiting a Hassidic Jewish community in Brooklyn New York. After the visit she said that she had experienced the power of God and the need for more values in the world, saying that she hoped others would also find their own path to God.

Teen Girls Study as Exorcists, Travel World Casting Out Demons

At a time when teenage morality has come under particular scrutiny, one group of teenage girls has landed on the very opposite extreme. The girls have reported that they have no time for television or boyfriends because they are too busy praying and casting out demons. The unique thing about this girl group is that they have all attended training to become exorcists.

CNN's John King Knocked Back by Gingrich Over 'Open Marriage' Question

John King, the moderator during Thursday's CNN GOP presidential debate was attacked by Gingrich for commencing the debate with a question about allegations made by his ex-wife earlier in the day that he had requested an "open" marriage. Gingrich, dismissing the question, said it no grounds and reduced it to a media attack on Republican candidates to defend President Obama.

Gay Activists Rebuked for 'Bullying' Santorum Over Opposition to Gay Marriage

Gay activists have been rebuked for “bullying” Republican presidential hopeful Rick Santorum and pushing an unsavory agenda against him, by accusing him of “hating gays.” The Santorum camp quickly turned the tables on rumors sparked by gay activists that he had a hateful agenda, by affirming that his stance against a redefinition of marriage to include gays was a matter of public policy, and not a personal attack against homosexuals.

Joel Osteen 'Gay, Repentance Comments' Spark Debate (VIDEO)

Joel Osteen told Oprah Winfrey in an interview Sunday that his message was one of hope for all people, not just those in the Christian community, explaining his views on sin and homosexuality. His comments on whether gay people could go to heaven have, in particular, sparked debate among viewers and readers of The Christian Post.