Ethan Cole

Christian Post Reporter

Churches Get Green for Earth Day Sunday

Churches worldwide joined in green activities Sunday, ahead of this week’s official Earth Day, engaging in everything ranging from teaching children to recycle to turning off unneeded electricity in the church building.

What Divides Catholics and Protestants?

As Pope Benedict XVI continues with his highly publicized visit to the United States, some may wonder what the major differences are between Catholicism and Protestantism – the two main Christian bodies in the world.

Obama Promises to 'Usher' Gay Employment Bill

Leading Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama promised to 'usher' the passage of a non-discriminatory employment bill benefiting homosexuals if he was elected president, he said in a recent interview with a well-known gay magazine.

Evangelical Leaders: Jews Need Jesus Christ

Dozens of prominent evangelical leaders recently endorsed a statement declaring a fact that many Christians already hold to be true – that Jewish people need the Gospel and Jesus Christ to receive eternal life.

Zimbabwe Churches Gear Up for Elections

Churches in Zimbabwe are mobilizing Christians to turn out to vote Saturday for the highly anticipated presidential election that could overthrow President Robert Mugabe, who has ruled the nation with an iron fist for nearly three decades.