Jennifer Riley

Christian Post Reporter

'Soul Surfer' Offers Platform to Share Gospel with Youth

“Soul Surfer” has given rise to a wave of Christian resources, including books and websites, to share Bethany Hamilton’s touching story of finding hope in God despite obstacles to a young audience with the hope of inspiring them to form a personal relationship with Jesus.

Christianity Is Not a Cultural Religion, Says Author

Too often Christianity is tied to the culture – commonly to the ambition of the Christian left or right. But it is exactly at this point, regarding the faith’s relationship with culture, that Christianity is virtually unlike any other religion in the world, said a respected professor and author.

Rob Bell: I Believe in Hell Now and After You Die

Rob Bell, the pastor who wrote the book Love Wins that has been a lightning rod for criticism, stated clearly in a recent interview that he believes in hell. In a videotaped interview with Sally Quinn of The Washington Post, Bell responded to a question posed through Twitter and asked by Quinn: If there is no hell, then why did Jesus die for our sins?

Helpers of Runaway Christian Convert Won't be Charged

The six adults that helped the Muslim teen girl who converted to Christianity run away from her Ohio home will not be charged. Prosecutors in the states of Ohio and Florida have decided to not file charges against the adults helping Rifqa Bary leave her Muslim family.

Mark Driscoll Responds to Rob Bell Controversy on Hell

Pastor Mark Driscoll says he doesn't intend on "attacking any individual" with his blog post Monday on hell. But a section in the blog addressing why a loving God would send people to hell inevitably draws him into the emotionally-charged debate surrounding preacher Rob Bell's new book, which happens to be released tomorrow.