Rod Anderson

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Ministry in the Grocery Store!

A nondenominational church in Virginia claims to be the first church in history to open up its own nonprofit grocery store to provide its local impoverished community discounted groceries at up to three-quarters of the cost of regular grocery stores.

Trump Takes a Slice Out of Planned Parenthood!

President Donald Trump is ending the practice of giving up to $60 million in taxpayers' dollars to abortion providers every year. Instead, that money will be given to community clinics that provide medical screenings and healthcare services.

Bible for Breakfast!

A majority of Bible-centered Americans say they need the Bible more than coffee to jumpstart their mornings, according to a new nationwide study by American Bible Society.

What Does It Take to Be Saved?

I know what you're thinking: salvation is simple! After all, just look at John 3:16: God loved the world so much he sent his Son so that whoever believes in him will be saved. Surely that is simple, right?

We ARE the Church!

It is becoming increasingly popular today to assume that since the essence of worship is the language of the gospel, then it follows that worship is all of life, and there is nothing distinct or significant about corporate gatherings of worship.

Disney World's Last 'Night of Joy'

Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida has officially confirmed that the popular family tourist attraction has canceled its annual Christian concert event, Night of Joy, after 34 years.

Celebrating the National Day of Prayer

In a society riddled with division and unrest, this year's National Day of Prayer will focus on praying for unity within the Church, in the family, and across racial and political lines, according to Pastor Ronnie Floyd.

Atheists Lead a Tax Attack on America's Clergy

A group of Chicago pastors are speaking up on behalf of clergy everywhere in America in their latest federal appeals court effort fighting against a lawsuit that they say could cost houses of worship as much as $1 billion in new taxes.