Rod Anderson

CP Cartoonist

Think the World Revolves Around You? Think Again!

If you've been listening to cultural commentators, campus activists, and those championing the right of individuals to define their own gender identity, eliminate unwanted children, and any number of other self-defined preferences, then you've heard the word autonomy.

No 'Trigger Warning' for These Pro-Life Students!

Students for Life of America, the nation's largest pro-life youth organization, celebrated victory at the Miami University of Ohio Friday after school officials settled a federal lawsuit in which they agreed to no longer require a "trigger warning" for pro-life speech on campus.

The Sacredness of Work

Being God's image bearers, we all want to work and create. We love to innovate or improve how something works. We get great satisfaction from a job well done or fixing what was broken.

Will the Church Survive in an Automated World?

When I speak to pastors about emerging technology I often ask them to envision a single scenario. I suggest that they imagine that they are standing in their pulpit on Sunday morning, looking out on the faces of their congregants, only to discover that half of their congregation is suddenly unemployed.

Where Has Giving Gone?

You are trying to comprehend why the giving levels in your church are down. You may know several possibilities, but you aren't certain.

Can Youth Pastors Reach Would-Be School Shooters?

EI have had the delight of being able to spend more than 30 years of my life doing whatever I could to reach teenagers for Christ. My first calling in that area was in the early 1980s where teen suicide in America had reached epidemic proportion.

Facing Anti-Christian Hysteria

Anti-Christian bias and bigotry is now a reality in America. It is not — at least not yet — the violent persecution seen in other parts of the world, but there is a surely and slowly spreading religious intolerance which is paving the way for public hostility.

Throwing a Lifeline to Women Considering Abortion

In the past 15 years, a total of 3 million women targeted by the abortion industry have reached out to Option Line — the nation's only fully staffed, bilingual, 24-7 pregnancy helpline — for life-saving help in an unexpected pregnancy.

Lead Us Not Into Temptation!

As a traveling evangelist I'm on the road a lot. With all the headlines of Christian influencers, Hollywood actors and political leaders falling morally, I'm reminded again and again of the importance of relentlessly guarding my sexual purity.

Can You Hear God's Voice?

A Washington Post writer once said that evangelicals are "poor, ignorant and easy to command." Well, at least he didn't say we were mentally ill.

What Creates a Hidden Killer?

Did we ignore all the potential warning signs? Perhaps. But, as a cold-case homicide detective and a Christian, I've discovered another very real explanation.