Rod Anderson

CP Cartoonist

The Reign of Facebook!

Last week, the Senate and the House grilled Mark Zuckerberg about Facebook's use of data. Maybe someone else should have been on the hot seat, too.

Turning to God in a Tough Spot

As a teen, my world had been upended by my parent's divorce. I was having to decide between two people I loved. Would I move away with my mom or stay with my dad?

A Movie Mission to Bring Souls to Christ

Jim Caviezel said he chooses to star in films he believes will "bring the most souls to Christ" after God delivered a heartbreaking message to him when he played the role of Jesus in the 2004 film "The Passion of the Christ."

Confronting Cuba's Bible Blockade

The Communist government of Cuba sent back a shipment carrying 17,000 copies of the New International Version Bible, saying it would only allow Bibles in the King James version,

When Tragedy Makes Kids Lose Faith

During a recent interview with the Breakfast Club this month, Pastor John Gray was asked to respond to the notion that kids are finding it hard to believe in God because of all the mass shootings happening in America.

Is Escapism Theology Draining the Church?

People are fleeing the institutional church and there should be no question as to why this exodus is happening. The vast majority of people who claim to represent God in the United States have been perpetuating a Biblical misconception that has been leading the church into decline for decades. That erroneous notion is Escapism Theology.

The Revival Starts With You!

I've been both challenged and encouraged more than ever before that praying for revival must begin with myself. Draw a circle around yourself and ask God to first bring revival within that circle.