Rod Anderson

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The Baptism of a Dallas Cowboy

Dallas Cowboys chaplain ​Jonathan Evans, son of Dr. Tony Evans and a former NFL fullback took to Social Media on Wednesday to share footage of three NFL players openly accepting Jesus Christ as savior and getting baptized.

Staying Solvent This Christmas Season

Christmas provides opportunities for families and friends to reunite while offering a pleasant break from routine. Yet, many, in their desire to be generous and loving, have sacrificed all sense and good judgement.

A High-Tech Prayer Plan!

The most effective prayer plan is the one you will use. What I know: If you do not have a plan to pray, usually you will not pray consistently and effectively.

How to Face Bad Choices in the Voting Booth

Sometimes American Christian voters have to face situations where none of the candidates are acceptable, Reformed evangelical theologian Kevin DeYoung has said, in which case they need to consider 10 important questions.

Whitewashing the Red Cross

The Belgian branches of the Red Cross have been told they must remove the organization's iconic red crosses from building walls amid concerns that the Christian symbol will offend non-Christians.

Are Americans Getting Hooked on Astrology Again?

Many Americans, declares an article in the New York Times, are "Leaning on the Stars to Make Sense of the World." Personally I'd rather "lean" on the One Who made the stars to make sense of the world. He has revealed Himself not only in the stars, but much more clearly in His Word.

ISIS Threats Cast a Shadow Over Christmas

A security expert has warned that the Islamic State terror group's warnings of violence and bloodshed over the Christmas holiday season need to be taken seriously, given the lone wolf attacks that continue rattling the world.

Atheists Call the Nativity 'Fake News'

American Atheists, one of the largest secular organizations in the country, is again urging people to skip church this Christmas in new billboard ads attacking the birth of Jesus Christ, calling it "fake news."

Married at Home, but at Church Alone

Stepping inside a church building alone is difficult for most people. Walking in as a 'married-single' challenges every ounce of courage one can muster. Sunday after Sunday this is a recurring struggle for those of us who love Jesus and love a spouse who is not a believer.

Debunking the 'Killer Planet' Scare

A NASA scientist took aim at continuing internet theories about Nibiru, or Planet X, a supposedly hidden planet in the solar system that could destroy the Earth, and said that such predictions do not hold to logic.

The Story of 'A Christmas Carol'

Generations have seen numerous adaptations of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol in books, stage plays, movies and cartoons. And starting next week fans of the age-old classic can experience the story like never before — through the eyes of Dickens himself.

The Temptation of a Credit Card Christmas

I want to take advantage of all the good sales happening for Black Friday but I can't afford to pay for it all in cash right now. Is it ok to put it on the credit card and pay it off when I get my Christmas bonus? It seems like a waste to not get a good deal!

What Does 'Reproductive Rights' Really Mean?

We have always known that pro-abortion rhetoric is built on misleading slogans and deceptive terms. But I was reminded today of just how deceptive much of the terminology is when I read a 2016 interview with actor Kelsey Grammer.