Charmaine Montes

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  • Rachel Roy Caught in Madness with Beyonce's New Album 'Lemonade,' Referred as 'Becky with the Good Hair'

    American fashion designer Rachel Roy got into hot waters hours after Beyoncé released her latest album titled, "Lemonade." According to a report by Entertainment Online, one of the songs in the album which is titled as "Sorry" sparked controversy due to the verse "He better call Becky with the good hair." The song was decoded as a castigation of Jay Z for his rumored infidelity and fans are speculating that the "Becky" in the song is the mistress. However, though there are no indications of any

  • 'Mafia 3' Release Date and Update: New Trailer, Cars and Music

    The third installment of the action-adventure video game "Mafia" is still months away from its release but fans who are looking forward to picking it up already know that it will be worth the wait especially now that some of the details of the game are now out in the open. According to a report by University Herald, "Mafia 3" is going to be a video game with deluxe edition and collector edition packages.

  • 'The Young and the Restless' Spoilers: Sharon Learns the Truth About Sully, Sage Investigates

    The moment that every "The Young and the Restless" fan has been waiting for has finally arrived. Sage may finally get to know the truth about her baby Christian after losing him because of Dr. Anderson. But since the devious doctor is already dead, there has been little chance for Sage to investigate about what really happened to her son. According to a spoiler report by Inquisitr, this week's episode will be packed with drama and revelation.

  • 'The Bold and the Beautiful' Spoilers: Liam Wants Quinn to Pay Back, Wyatt Asks Help for Steffy

    A lot has already happened in the lives of the characters of daytime soap opera "The Bold and the Beautiful" and mostly has been chaotic especially in the life of Liam. Ever since he lost his memory, he also lost a chunk of his life including Steffy who got married to his half-brother Wyatt. But now that he is out of Quinn's evil scheme already, Liam is trying to put back his life together.

  • Beyonce's New Album "Lemonade" Coming to iTunes?

    The social media world made a lot of noise after pop singer and diva Beyoncé released her latest album titled "Lemonade" late Saturday night on Tidal. The release was an exclusive to the streaming service which is not really a surprise to the fans since the "Single Ladies" singer is a shareholder of the company. But it looks like her new album will not be exclusive for too long as reports say that it will be coming out as well to other platforms.

  • 'The Flash' Spoilers Reveal Barry Fighting with Zoom Without Powers

    There are only two episodes left until "The Flash" season 2 closes and things have been tense and thrilling since the last episode. According to a report by Yibada, Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) will be powerless when season 2 episode 19 titled "Back to Normal" airs on Tuesday, April 26. Barry lost his power after he gave it to his current foe Hunter Zolomon or Zoom (Teddy Sears) in order to save Wally (Keiynan Lonsdale).

  • 'Jumanji' Reboot Confirmed by Dwayne Johnson, Filming Start This Fall

    There's good news for all the 90's kids who have loved the 1995 classic adventure fantasy film "Jumanji." After more than 20 years, the movie based on the 1981 children's book of the same name is going to get do over. According to a report by Design and Trend, it has been confirmed by Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson that there will be a "Jumanji" reboot.

  • Acer Liquid Zest Plus Announced, Includes 5,000mAh Battery, Tri-Focus Camera and More

    Taiwan-based electronics company Acer has launched a new smartphone dubbed as the Liquid Zest Plus. According to a report by The Indian Express, the device was announced during the company's event held in New York along with other several devices. It is said to be a mid-ranger but an enhanced version of the Acer Liquid Zest that was launched earlier at the Mobile World Congress 2016.

  • 'Days of Our Lives' Spoilers: Kayla Suffers Health Condition, Hope and Rafe Faces Romance and Tension

    Daytime soap opera "Days of Our Lives" will have Kayla go through a difficult time in her life. According to a report by TV Over Mind, her health issue will take a toll on her. She also passed out in the previous episode and there's no telling yet if she will be able to come back from it. Spoilers claim though that Fynn will treat her. She will also be reminding her to slow things down because the stress around her is adding up to how her body is responding to her illness.

  • 'General Hospital' Spoilers: Franco and Jason Face off, Nurse's Ball to Take Place

    "General Hospital" is going to be intense this week with Franco and Jason facing off. According to a spoiler report by Soap Shows, the Little Jake, who is now going to be played by Hudson West, will be receiving a puppy from Franco who originally bought the bet for Nina. While Jake is excited with his new puppy, Jason isn't. In fact, he will be confronting Franco about it and they will end up arguing.