Jennifer Gold

Christian Today Reporter


  • Christian Unity through Church Bodies 'Unlikely', Say U.K. Leaders

    Christians across the United Kingdom may have prayed to become one this past week, but church unity at the national level remains an unlikely prospect, say the leaders of the nation\'s main denominations.

  • Obama's Inauguration is 'Transformative' Moment in History

    Obama's Inauguration is 'Transformative' Moment in History

    The inauguration of Barack Obama as America's first black president is a "transformative" moment in history that will have huge significance for the rest of the world, say church leaders.

  • Churches Remember King, Hail Obama

    Churches Remember King, Hail Obama

    Church services to mark Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday were especially poignant this year, as black preachers across the country used the pulpit to remember the civil rights campaigner's dream of a racially just world and hail the upcoming inauguration of America's first black president.

  • Bear One Another's Burdens, Lutheran Head Says

    The interdependence of human beings makes it necessary to bear each other\'s burdens, says the General Secretary of the Lutheran World Federation. The Rev. Dr. Ishmael Noko appealed to the Lutheran communion to reject the popular "do-it-yourself" approach to life.

  • Christian Counselor was 'Wrongfully Dismissed'

    An employment tribunal has upheld the claim of a Christian relationship counselor that he was wrongfully dismissed after expressing concerns over counseling same-sex couples.

  • Jerusalem Bishop 'Grieved' by Gaza Crisis

    Jerusalem Bishop 'Grieved' by Gaza Crisis

    The Anglican Bishop in Jerusalem has expressed his dismay at the latest conflict to hit the Holy Land. The Rt. Rev. Suheil S. Dawani said in a statement that his diocese was \"stunned and saddened\" as well as \"grieved by the severity\" of the ongoing military operations in Gaza.

  • Church\'s Women Bishops Proposals Draw Mixed Response

    Draft legislation, published Monday, outlined plans for a \"national code of practice\" under which the Archbishops of Canterbury and York could appoint complementary male bishops to offer pastoral care and perform functions for parishes opposed to the ministry of women.

  • Church Proposes Alternative Care for Opponents of Women Bishops

    The Church of England published draft legislation on Monday detailing alternative arrangements for those unable to accept the ministry of women bishops.

  • Pope Condemns Homosexual Behavior

    Saving mankind from homosexual and transsexual behavior is just as important as saving the rainforest from destruction, said Pope Benedict on Monday.

  • Anglican Leader Questions Human Cost of Economic Measures

    A response to the economic downturn must not come at the expense of the most vulnerable, says the Archbishop of Canterbury. Dr. Rowan Williams appeared to warn the government against dealing with the credit crunch in a similar way to Hitler\'s leadership of Nazi Germany in the 1930s.