Jennifer Gold

Christian Today Reporter


  • Divisions Compromising Church\'s Peace Message, Says Reformed Head

    The head of the world\'s largest group of Reformed churches says that the body of Christ is rendering its own peace message ineffective because of internal divisions and strife at a time when persistent threats to global peace and security make the quest for Christian unity more urgent than ever.

  • Methodists Seek End to Gaza Blockade

    The Methodist Church is calling on the UK Government to put pressure on Israel to lift its blockade of the Gaza Strip as aid agencies and human rights groups warn that the already dire humanitarian situation is deteriorating rapidly.

  • G20 Not Enough to Solve 'Financial Meltdown,' Says Church Head

    The head of the World Council of Churches has challenged the legitimacy of the G20 group of the world's 20 leading economies as their leaders meet in Washington DC this weekend to discuss the future of the global economy in the midst of the global economic crisis.

  • Campaigners to Call Time on Global Greed

    Protesters are planning to gather outside the Guildhall with alarm clocks and banners reading "Call Time on Global Greed" as Prime Minister Gordon Brown addresses representatives of the financial sector at the Lord Mayor of London\'s banquet on Monday night.

  • Georgian, Russian Orthodox Churches Ponder South Ossetia

    Representatives of the Georgian Orthodox Church were in Moscow this week for meetings with Russian Orthodox Church and Kremlin leaders on the future of breakaway region South Ossetia. \"We have shown in Georgia and in Russia that the churches have not lost relations.\"

  • Indian Leader Reassures Christians, Commits to Quell Violence

    Indian Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh attempted to reassure Christians of their place in India when he met the head of the World Council of Churches on Saturday.

  • Pro-lifers Rally Behind Cord Blood Storage

    British politician David Burrowes is to present a measure to Parliament for its second reading on Friday as he continues to champion a new ethical treatment using umbilical cord blood. He said earlier that he wanted the wider public to be more informed about the value and benefits of cord blood.

  • Most Support Faith Schools Despite Questions over Admissions

    A Church of England survey, released Tuesday, has revealed strong support for faith-based schools while bringing to light prevailing public uncertainty over the fairness of their admissions procedures.

  • European Baptists Seek End to Prostitution Demand

    The European Baptist Federation\'s anti-trafficking group is working on a handbook that will give congregations across Europe ideas on how best to eradicate prostitution.

  • Christians Urge Action Against 'Destructive' Embryology Bill

    Pro-life Christian groups are appealing to Christians to pray and take action to stop legislation that will liberalize the abortion law and give the green light to the creation of animal-human hybrid embryos.