Jennifer Gold

Christian Today Reporter


  • New U.K. Law Makes Church Weddings Easier

    The Church of England has cleared the way for engaged couples to marry in the church of their choice with a new law launched Wednesday. The new law places fewer conditions on which of the Church of England\'s 16,000 churches couples are able to choose from.

  • Europe's Churches Urged to Tackle Climate Change

    The 7th Assembly of the European Christian Environmental Network (ECEN) ended on Sunday with a call to Europe's churches to make climate change a top priority. The assembly brought together 100 delegates under the common theme, \"The true challenge of climate change.\"

  • Quartet Failing in Middle East Peace Process, Say Aid Agencies

    Catholic Agency for Overseas Development, Christian Aid and World Vision Jerusalem are just some of several aid agencies warning that the Middle East Quartet – EU, Russia, the United Nations and the United States – has failed to make progress in improving the lives of Palestinians and the prospects for lasting peace.

  • Archbishop Blasts City 'Bank Robbers'

    City traders who made millions of dollars in profit by cashing in on the falling share prices of leading banks are "bank robbers," the Archbishop of York has said. "We find ourselves in a market system which seems to have taken its rules of trade from Alice in Wonderland."

  • Episcopal Church Ousts Pittsburgh Bishop

    Episcopal Church Ousts Pittsburgh Bishop

    Conservative Anglicans have expressed their \"great sadness\" at the decision of The Episcopal Church to depose the Bishop of Pittsburgh. The Episcopal House of Bishops voted 88 to 35 on Thursday to remove Bishop Robert Duncan from ordained ministry.

  • Google Allows Abortion Ad by Christian Group

    The Christian Institute has welcomed the decision by Google to allow religious groups to place ads on the issue of abortion after legal proceedings against the world's biggest search engine were settled "on amicable terms."

  • McLaren Calls World to Wake Up Amid 3 'Frightening' Crises

    The world \"is on a precipice\" as it struggles to deal with the three \"tremendously frightening crises\" of climate change, poverty and war, says Brian McLaren, one of the foremost leaders of the emerging church movement.

  • Cardinal Warns Against EU's Attitude to Christianity

    Dissatisfaction with the European Union\'s attitude towards Christianity may be behind waning support among Christians for the union, according to the Primate of the Roman Catholic Church in Ireland.

  • Large Legacy Saves Historic Mission Group from Staff Cutbacks

    One of the world's oldest Protestant mission organizations has postponed staff cutbacks for at least another 12 months after receiving its largest legacy ever. BMS board members called the sum "a wonderful answer to prayer."

  • Women Theologians Urge Churches to Challenge Abusive Power Structures

    An international group of women theologians has called on churches to address structures of power that fail to respect human dignity. \"I believe this discourse can open new paths in building solidarity in our common struggle for justice and peace.\"