Lane Palmer

Lane Palmer

Christian Post Guest Columnist


  • Lessons From Tiger: A God-Shaped Hole in One

    Lessons From Tiger: A God-Shaped Hole in One

    If you google "Tiger Woods" right now, you will get around 40 million returns and over 7,000 news articles.

  • Me and God Almighty

    Me and God Almighty

    You are definitely part of creating a masterpiece with your fellow Christians who, under the direction of the world\'s greatest Genius, are living out the greatest story ever told

  • New Moon…Old Lie

    New Moon…Old Lie

    So it turned out pretty much as expected. A massive opening night with millions of Twittering Twi-Hards clutching their preordered tickets and finally embracing the über-anticipated sequel, The Twilight Saga: New Moon.

  • How to Survive 2012

    How to Survive 2012

    Apparently a lot of folks are scared, freaked out, and even panicked about this whole 2012 deal.

  • The Ultimate FlashForward

    The Ultimate FlashForward

    Imagine 6 billion people blacking out simultaneously for 137 seconds and catching a glimpse of their lives 6 months into the future.

  • Would Jesus Play The Beatles: Rock Band?

    Would Jesus Play The Beatles: Rock Band?

    As you know, this video game has taken the world by storm, outsold Guitar Hero 5, and thousands, if not millions, of teens are being introduced to the Beatles magic that stormed the world the first time nearly 50 years ago!

  • Where the Wild Things Can Go

    And now, as a result of Spike Jonze, $80 million bucks, and a boatload of animatronic creatures, our little bedtime book has grown up and the wild rumpus lives on the silver screen.

  • You Belong with Him

    If you're feeling like the blond Taylor Swift neighbor football dude who's unhappy with his evil girlfriend, remember that God is in heaven right now holding up a sign that says "I love you."

  • Forever Fame

    I was a teenager when I first heard this song from the movie Fame. You want fame? Take this advice

  • A Bigger Interrupter Than Kanye

    Are there ever spiritual interruptions that are as rude and inconsiderate as Kanye's?