Lane Palmer

Lane Palmer

Christian Post Guest Columnist


  • The Real Prince of Persia

    The Real Prince of Persia

    The angel talking to Daniel the prophet said that the \"Prince of Persia\" had been fighting against him. This isn\'t a physical person, rather it is a demon sent by Satan

  • What if Jesus Had Never Been Born?

    What if Jesus Had Never Been Born?

    If Jesus had never been born, the world would be a much more primitive place where women are slaves of free men, children are sacrificed to idols, and the concepts of charity and love are all but missing from society.

  • We Are Iron Men

    We Are Iron Men

    There is an armored suit available to Christians that in many ways provides the same protection and weaponry, one that lights up the spiritual world like Stark in a village full of terrorists.

  • A Christian Response to the Day of Silence

    A Christian Response to the Day of Silence

    I am totally convinced that if Jesus walked the halls of your school after the Day of Silence, He would engage in conversation and share God\'s perspective with the participants

  • Christians are Aliens

    Christians are Aliens

    Do you believe in aliens?

  • The Father\'s Song

    The Father\'s Song

    I guess you would expect a wide variety of responses to the highly anticipated (or dreaded) release of a Miley Cyrus movie

  • Jesus, Remember Me

    Jesus, Remember Me

    "Remember Me" is a film about love embedded in the midst of dysfunctional families, tragedies, and ultimately the need to appreciate each day of life we are given.

  • Minute to Pray It

    Minute to Pray It

    Do you know what "Minute to Win It" reminds me of? This may surprise you, but this game show has religion written all over it.

  • Who Does Jesus Think You Are?

    Who Does Jesus Think You Are?

    Enter the new reality TV show \"Who Do You Think You Are,\" and I think you\'ll see genealogy in a new light.

  • What's in Your Wonderland?

    What's in Your Wonderland?

    I didn\'t see a white rabbit and follow him down a hole, but when I was 15, I heard a message and an invitation that sounds just about as crazy as Alice in Wonderland.