Lane Palmer

Lane Palmer

Christian Post Guest Columnist


  • You are Fighting the Gates!

    You are Fighting the Gates!

    The Gates is an interesting journey into the "things are not what they seem" category

  • When Airplanes Reminded Me of Salvation

    When Airplanes Reminded Me of Salvation

    Airplanes is mainly about Tim or B.O.B or somebody wanting to go back to a time when things were pure, less complicated, and simpler

  • Who is Salt? You are Salt!

    Who is Salt? You are Salt!

    Interesting that the writers of this film chose the name "salt" isn\'t it? Interesting also that one of the primary ways that Jesus identifies His followers is as salt as well.

  • The Inception of Salvation

    The Inception of Salvation

    You have been invited to jump into God\'s dream space and fight the efforts of the devil as he attempts to steal the message of the gospel from those who are trapped in a hopeless and doomed spiritual state.

  • Don't Let the World Eclipse the Father

    Don't Let the World Eclipse the Father

    Bella\'s predicament reminds me of another love triangle that operates on a much deeper level than emotion and feelings of the heart.

  • Are You Night or Day?

    Are You Night or Day?

    Action with romance, Tom Cruise-ness with Cameron Diaz-ness, danger with comedy, etc. etc. - which reminds me of how our real world is, well, also like night and day in its basic nature.

  • No Friend Left Behind

    No Friend Left Behind

    Parties, \'hooking up\', drugs, booze, and a hundred other bad choices and options invite you down their paths every day, and though they may look like open doors to happiness and freedom, you\'ll soon discover that you are as trapped as Woody and the gang in a dark and oppressive prison.

  • Sinful Spillage

    Sinful Spillage

    Adam and Eve were the original BP. When our original parents rebelled against God\'s perfect design for life, it uncapped a free-flowing, sinful spillage that now permeates our entire world

  • Going Kung Fu Christian

    Going Kung Fu Christian

    Are you a kung fu Christian? I\'m talking about the training and conditioning of your spiritual life with Jesus Christ.

  • Live Like They\'re Dying

    Live Like They\'re Dying

    Ironically, to truly live like we\'re dying means that you should live like they\'re dying… Who are they? Everyone!