Rod Anderson

CP Cartoonist


  • Stung by Social Media!

    Stung by Social Media!

    When people seem to have more of a relationship with their cell phone than they do with other people, there's a problem. And when social media becomes a place where people dump their garbage — all things mean and ugly — there's a problem.

  • 'Christian Witchcraft'?!

    'Christian Witchcraft'?!

    Despite biblical warnings against the practice of witchcraft, the Rev. Valerie Love, who describes herself as a practicing Christian witch and an ordained minister of spiritual consciousness, is insisting that there is nothing wrong with Christians being witches and has recently launched a school to help Christians tap into magic.

  • The Deadliness of Resentment

    The Deadliness of Resentment

    Pastor Rick Warren of Saddleback Church in California has said that resentment is the "unhealthiest emotion there is" and identified three reasons Christians should forgive those who have sinned against them.

  • Will Chinese Christianity Be Co-Opted?

    Will Chinese Christianity Be Co-Opted?

    The Chinese government is supervising a five-year plan to make Christianity more compatible with socialism in which there will be a "rewrite" of the Bible, a prominent religious freedom activist has told Congress.

  • Prisoners of the Self

    Prisoners of the Self

    We are all born, without exception, selfish in the core of our beings. This self-focus is entrenched in our sinful nature, and though there are compassionate people in society, the general human tendency is not to be focused on the well-being of other people.

  • Facing Depression as a Christian

    Facing Depression as a Christian

    Editorial cartoon on Christians and depression

  • Dealing With Doubt

    Dealing With Doubt

    Editorial cartoon on doubt

  • Showing Boys the Way to Manhood

    Showing Boys the Way to Manhood

    Editorial cartoon on raising boys to manhood

  • Kids Trapped in the Gender Wars

    Kids Trapped in the Gender Wars

    "America is engaged in large-scale child abuse. And complicit in this is my field, my field of pediatrics, psychiatry, our education system, mass media and social media," says pediatrician Dr. Michelle Cretella.

  • Militants Push Back Against Pro-Life

    Militants Push Back Against Pro-Life

    I recently tweeted, "Regardless of the charges against Justice Kavanaugh, this much is absolutely clear. The frenzied attempt to try to keep him out of the Supreme Court is simply a battle for the 'right' to abort babies in the womb. That's the bottom line."