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The Weird, Infantile World of ISIS Fighters

The Weird, Infantile World of ISIS Fighters

 A released Islamic State captive, who says he was imprisoned with the two beheaded American journalists in Syria, revealed recently that when ISIS jihadis aren't terrorizing the streets of Raqqa, they spend their downtime watching the children's television program "Teletubbies" and playing child video games.

Former ISIS hostage, Nicolas Henin, a French journalist who was held hostage for 10 months and released by the terrorist group in April of 2014, told BBC News that even though ISIS captors claim to hate America and western ideals, he noticed that the militants' interests were heavily influenced by Western culture.

"The discussions that we had with them, I could just notice that these jihadis have little to do with the local culture— Arab or Muslim culture – they are children of our societies," Henin contended. "They speak our language —I don't mean they speak French or English or German – they have the same cultural references that we have. They watch the same movies as us, play the same video games our children play. They are products of our culture, of our world."



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