Friday, June 22, 2012
3 New 'Princess Parables' Books Offer Important Bible Lessons

3 New 'Princess Parables' Books Offer Important Bible Lessons

Jeanna Young and Jacqueline Johnson have penned three more books in the "Princess Parables" series designed to deliver Christian lessons filled with insight and fun.

The "Princess" books follow the adventures of five royal sisters who display distinct personalities that are very relatable. There is the precocious Princess Faith, the outgoing Princess Charity, Princess Joy, Princess Grace, and Princess Hope, the reserved eldest.

In "Princess Hope and the Hidden Treasure," Hope discovers her grandmother's lost ring while shopping with her sisters. The price is very high, but Hope is determined to buy the beloved treasure and resorts to selling her own valuable items in order to pay for the ring.

The story was inspired by the Bible's Matthew 13:44-45 where Jesus reveals that people will seek happiness from material goods and beauty, but that the happiness found in heaven far exceeds any found on Earth.

Next, "Princess Charity's Courageous Heart" follows the adventurous princess as she makes a difficult choice. Inspired by the Bible's Good Samaritan story, Charity must decide if she should break her father's orders to save another's life or turn a blind eye.

The fearless princess became overwhelmed with compassion for an injured boy and risked her own life by saving him. Taking the risk came with a reward, and Charity not only made a new friend, but restored peace in her kingdom.

In Luke 10:30-37, Jesus explains that we should be giving and kind in whatever way possible.

Lastly, the third new book, "Princess Faith's Mysterious Garden," sees Faith growing in her relationship with God despite hard times. As she determinedly tries to build a garden, Faith faces disappointment after struggling to grow plants and when a storm destroys her work.

"Even though we don't understand why things like this happen, God uses these things to grow our hearts," the story reads.

Following dedication and hard work Faith's garden flourishes. The tale was inspired by Matthew 13:1-23, which relates a garden's seeds growing just as God's words grow in our hearts.

Each story successfully incorporates lessons found in Scripture without overwhelming the reader or losing focus on the importance one's relationship with God and family. Folded up in a neat and clear message, each story's conclusion not only demonstrates quality Christian behavior, but highlights the rewards of doing so.

The books are illustrated by Argentinian artist Omar Aranda who uses vibrant colors to add to the text. All three newest "Princess Parables" installments are available for $12.99 each.


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