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4 Reactions to the Boy Scouts' Decision to Admit Girls

4 Reactions to the Boy Scouts' Decision to Admit Girls

Girl Scouts of America: The Boy Scouts is failing, its 'house is on fire.'

Girl Scouts raising the flag at a Municipal Band concert in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. | (PHOTO: WIKIPEDIA)

The Girl Scouts of America did not take kindly to the Boy Scouts' expansion. "The Boy Scouts' house is on fire. Instead of addressing systemic issues of continuing sexual assault, financial mismanagement and deficient programming, BSA's senior management wants to add an accelerant to the house fire by recruiting girls," a spokesperson for the Girl Scouts told ABC News.

The real reason the Boy Scouts has done this is due to declining membership numbers, the group said. On its Twitter account, the Girl Scouts asserted that it is the best leadership organization for girls.

"The benefit of the single-gender environment has been well-documented by educators, scholars, other girl- and youth-serving organizations, and Girl Scouts and their families. Girl Scouts offers a one-of-a-kind experience for girls with a program tailored specifically to their unique developmental needs," the group wrote on its website Thursday.

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