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4 Reactions to the Boy Scouts' Decision to Admit Girls

4 Reactions to the Boy Scouts' Decision to Admit Girls

Scouts for Equality: The Boy Scouts' move is a 'step forward.'

Dave McGrath (L) an Eagle Scout and LGBT advocate, sits beside Scouts for Equality's communications team as they respond to supporters' comments and await the results of the national council's vote tally before the BSA's official announcement. Scouts for Equality and the Inclusive Scouting Network were joined by GLADD to promote LGBT issues in the BSA. Grapevine, Texas, May 23, 2013. | (Photo: The Christian Post)

Not everyone saw this move as a bad thing.

The Scouts for Equality, which led the charge in urging the BSA to include openly homosexual and transgender scouts and leaders, praised the decision.

"This is yet another step forward for the Boy Scouts of America," wrote Zach Wahls, board member and co-founder of Scouts for Equality on its website Wednesday.

"Today, the Boy Scouts have made clear they have heard the millions of girls and their families and will allow Scouts of all genders to participate as full members and earn the rank of Eagle."

He further urged the group to dispense with its ban on people who do not believe in God, citing what the Girl Scouts have done in maintaining its "Duty to God" commitment while still admitting non-theists.

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