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5 reactions to Mario Lopez, kids choosing gender brouhaha

1. Truly insane

“We’ve reached a truly insane place in American culture where a celebrity has to apologize for saying that maybe a three year-old child is not mature enough to make decisions about their gender that will irreparably impact them the rest of their life,” tweeted Andrew T. Walker, director of research and senior fellow in Christian Ethics at the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission.

2. They're 3

3 year olds aren’t allowed to drink alcohol.

3 year olds aren’t allowed to smoke.

3 year olds aren’t allowed to drive cars.

3 year olds aren’t allowed to go to the playground by themselves.

3 year olds can’t decide to be transgender either - because they are 3 YEARS OLD.

Liz Wheeler, host of “Tipping Point With Liz Wheeler” on One America News Network

3. Stick to the truth

"Stick to what you know is true @MarioLopezExtra and everyone else. Who you follow and the truth you embrace is more important than who follows you or what part of society embraces you.  #BeBold#BeKind#StandStrong," tweeted Todd Wagner, senior pastor of Watermark Community Church.

4. Bullying

"PSA: Bullying people into issuing public statements of apology so that they can keep their careers— because they state a FACT—that 3 year olds are not equipped to make life-altering decisions— is why @realDonaldTrump is your President.

Leftists are SICK."

— Candace Owens, host of “The Candace Owens Show”

5. One for the mob

"By promoting the Lopez 'scandal' in its 'Moments' feature, Twitter decided that this could be a good bullying opportunity — ahem, excuse me, I mean an important story," wrote Heather Wilhelm, a columnist with the National Review. 

"In case you care about what Lopez actually said (and apparently not that many people do), here is a brief summary: When it comes to gender identity, he suggested, parents should exercise caution when a three-year-old makes a declaration that, if acted upon without question, would affect the rest of the child’s life. He also said that sexual-assault cases should be addressed with due process, because false accusations unfortunately do exist.

"No, really, that’s pretty much it. This doesn’t seem that outrageous to me, especially given the fact that when my youngest was three, he spent an entire year earnestly waiting for his T-Rex teeth to come in. 

"Moreover, even if you do find Lopez’s comments wildly offensive, whatever happened to the idea of people being free to say things that other people disagree with and we all simply move on with our lives?

"Well, never mind.  Score one for the mob: Lopez apologized, and it didn’t even take a day."

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