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Abortion: You Cannot Swallow Away Your Problems With a Pill

Abortion: You Cannot Swallow Away Your Problems With a Pill

You may have heard of the "morning after Pill" and perhaps you have even heard of the "week after pill" but how about the "month after pill?"

Researchers from New York and Sweden are trying to push the idea that a woman's life could be made easier if she could merely takes a pill that would prohibit (or end) a pregnancy one month after conception. Their thinking is that women may only need to take it a few times a year depending on how often they had unprotected sex and it would require less planning.

One researcher, from a New York-based technology firm, and her colleagues from the prestigious Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden, say an after-sex pill would be widely accepted by women. The researchers say that it may be a form of abortion – but women would accept and use it anyway!

Developers of the month-after pill are advocating the concept that women could use the drug continuously for months as a pregnancy preventive up to four weeks after sex. Four weeks after sex? Doesn't that mean a woman could possibly be pregnant and the drug is no longer a contraceptive?

But stop for a moment and ask whether researchers have answered the question of what would happen to women who continue to use an abortifacient continuously. What happens to her physically and what impact will it have on her ability to have children in the future?

Opponents of the pill are calling the drug "abortion by the back door." One pro-lifer, who opposes the pill, said, "To call a drug a contraceptive when it is designed and intended to be used after intercourse and potentially after fertilization is a complete misnomer. There is no such thing as an 'after-sex contraceptive pill.' It is a contradiction in terms."

Unfortunately our culture is filled with change agents who work diligently to promote the concept of 'choice' without consequences. Like Alice, having fallen down the rabbit hole, women are being told to simply 'take a pill' and there are no negative outcomes for bad choices.

One of these 'after' pills, RU-486, has already claimed the lives of over 2 million children. Nearly 16.5 % of the almost 1.2 million abortions that take place each year are a direct result of RU-486. How terrible that a drug that supposedly is marketed as pro-woman is so utterly anti-woman. 14 women have died from the drug, 612 had to be hospitalized, 339 experienced blood loss requiring a transfusion, 256 experienced infections and 48 women experienced what the FDA labeled as "severe infections."

Given the track record of RU-486, one can only imagine what the 'month-later' pill might potentially do to harm women. These drugs are nothing more than tools to advance the radical death-on-demand agenda of abortion proponents.

Wouldn't it be easier, cheaper, safer, kinder and far more compassionate to help women understand that pregnancy isn't a disease – and abortion is never a cure?

The purveyors of reproductive rights will continue to push their deadly pills but perhaps they should recall the words of Lewis Carroll. "If you drink much from a bottle marked 'poison' it is certain to disagree with you sooner or later." There is no doubt that abortifacients are nothing but deadly poisons.

Janet Parshall is the host of IN THE MARKET, a nationally syndicated radio program carried on the Moody Broadcasting Network.

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