Actor Chris Tucker Says He Prays for Trump, Wants Him to Be Great President

Chris Tucker
Chris Tucker talks about Trump's America and does a remarkable impression of the president on Good Monring Britian, 26/09/2018 |

Hollywood actor Chris Tucker shared his thoughts on President Donald Trump during an interview on "Good Morning Britain" where he said he prays for the leader of the free world every day.

Tucker is best known for his role in the "Rush Hour" film franchise and while on the British TV show, the Atlanta, Georgia, resident was asked what he thinks about his president. Tucker replied by first performing his impression of Trump and then proceeded to share his thoughts on his leadership. 

"I hope he does a good job because I pray for him," Tucker said. "I hope he does a great job because we need a good president. We need a lot of things to happen in our country, America. So I hope tomorrow he wakes up and he just does the right thing."

"Good Morning Britain" co-hosts Piers Morgan, who's a friend of Trump's, and Susanna Reid commented to Tucker that he was being noticeably careful with his remarks, refusing to be negative so as to not offend his fans who like the president. 

Tucker, who is gearing up for his upcoming stand-up comedy tour in the U.K. admitted that he does talk about Trump in some of his comedy bits. However, unlike some of his peers in stand-up, such as Kathy Griffin who released an IS-inspired beheading image depicting the Trump, Tucker is keeping his comments inspirational.

"I say a little bit of stuff but I try and encourage him to do the right thing. I'm not a comedian that dogs people out. I want you to do that right thing, hopefully we can be friends one day and we can talk," Tucker continued. "I want him to be successful, I want him to do that right thing. That's my whole attitude and in my show, that's what I talk about."